Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lovely & LUSH

Lush Cosmetics
Hi Dollies, 

If you LOVE all things beautiful then you are in the right place. 

Last week, I entered into a beauty lovers heaven the weird yet wonderful LUSH cosmetics. If you are anything like me then the thought of going to a SPA and being pampered will make you super happy. However, as we all know going to a SPA can be costly and therefore the only option is to bring the SPA to you. 

I am now what you call a LUSH addict and I am finding myself getting through all the different products pretty quick. My favourite product has to be the bath bombs which come in a range of all different pretty colours and scents as pictures above. I also adore the dreamwash shower mouse which is made up of Aloe Vera and soothing Calamine and it has an extraordinary softening affect, just addictive. 

I have recently been back to the store to purchase another few goodies (my poor bank account). During this trip I purchased a product known as a 'toothy tab' which is a solid toothpaste which is made up of a mixture of lemon, black pepper and ginger. However, strange it sounds it works wonders and has 100% improved the whiteness of my teeth... SPARKLE. 

Have any of you dolls tried LUSH products? 


x o x o 

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